Anishinaabeg Stories: Featuring Petroglyphs, Petrographs, and Wampum Belts by Lynn Gehl

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Are you Anishinaabeg or a settler ally and would like to learn more about the Anishinaabeg knowledge philosophy, worldview, and culture?

Are you an Algonquin Anishinaabeg and would like to learn from an Algonquin person?

Are you interested in traditional symbolic literacy, want to learn more, or want to learn through it?

Are you a visual learner and a deep thinker? If so, this book is for you.

Short Description:

The stories in this book offer the reader a greater understanding of the Anishinaabeg knowledge philosophy and way of life. To help convey the deep knowledge inherent, and to accommodate vision learners, several ancient symbols and icons have been re-created and incorporated. The stories in this book are organized as 13 short chapters, 3 crossword puzzles, and 14 visuals which include the re-creation of petroglyphs, petrographs, wampum belts, photographs, as well as digital art. A special element is a discussion and visual of the 3 wampum belts exchanged during the 1764 Treaty at Niagara. The chapter organization begins with the creation story and unfolds to include chapters on the tree nation, the sacred pipe, the clan system, debwewin (truth) journey, the treaty process, and uranium mining and nuclear fission. This book has a larger font size and is 100 pages in length. Both community members and people interested in Indigenous knowledge philosophy will find this book a valuable read. It will make a great gift item too.

Author’s Biography: 

Lynn Gehl is an Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe from the Ottawa River Valley, Ontario Canada. She holds a Doctorate in Indigenous Studies, a Master of Arts in Canadian and Native Studies, an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, a diploma in Chemical Technology, and has worked in the field of environmental science for 12 years. Lynn is an outspoken critic of the Algonquin land claims and self-government process as it continues to operate through a colonial model, as well as an outspoken critic of the entitlement criteria for Indian status and First Nation citizenship. While living within the many contradictions of colonization, Lynn also advocates for the rights of Indigenous mothers and their babies as it is through Indian status registration that historic treaty rights are obtained. These rights include health care rights and education rights which mothers are in particular need of. While advocating for change in oppressive colonial law and policy is part of what she does,

Lynn is also an artist, and is interested in Indigenous knowledge (IK) systems that guide the Anishinaabeg forward to mino-pimatisiwin (the good life). In offering a contribution to the resurgence of Indigenous knowledge, Anishinaabeg Stories: Featuring Petroglyphs, Petrographs, and Wampum Belts reflects Lynn’s artwork and this latter IK interest.

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Table of Contents

List of Art Work, Illustrations, and Photographs

CHAPTER 1 The Anishinaabe Creation Story

CHAPTER 2 The Tree Nation

CHAPTER 3 Winonah and Her Four Sons

CHAPTER 4 The Anishinaabe Clan System of Governance

CHAPTER 5 Kinoomaagewaabkong: The Teaching Rock

CHAPTER 6 The Grandmother of Sacred Pipes

CHAPTER 7 Debwewin Journey

CHAPTER 8 Mshkoziwin: The Art of Being Brave

CHAPTER 9 The Treaty Process

CHAPTER 10 Knowledge the Eagle Teaches about our Primary Constitutional Relationship

CHAPTER 11 Anishinaabe Numbers

CHAPTER 12 Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel

CHAPTER 13 Uranium Mining and Nuclear Fission


CROSSWORD PUZZLE 2 Indigenous Place Names

CROSSWORD PUZZLE 3 Trees: The Second Order of Creation

Crossword Puzzle Solutions

A Word on Anishinaabemowin and Glossary

Offering an Algonquin Bibliography