June 28: Pray for the Land

Pray For the Land: An invitation from the Ardoch Algonquin to join them on June 28

IPSMO will be arranging car rides to the Robertsville mine site.  If you want to go, contact us at ipsmo@riseup.net.

If you are planning to drive, and want to take people with you, contact us: ipsmo@riseup.net

Pray For The Land

June 28th 2009
On the Robertsville mine site

Participate in a universal call to prayer!

Human beings have an innate understanding of their relationship with the earth and when the time comes we all welcome it among the most meaningful obligations of our lives.

People of every faith recognise their sacred responsibility to care for the earth. On June 28th, the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation is inviting people of all faiths to join them again in praying for their homeland which has been seriously harmed by uranium exploration.

If you have ever felt the need to speak up for creation and seek justice for people who live close to the land please come to Robertsville to join us. If you can’t come out to the land please encourage your faith community to remember the Ardoch struggle when you gather together.

For information:
Robert Lovelace

For a map to Robertsville, more pictures and site information go to the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation Website: http://www.aafna.ca/