May 30: The Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire Speaking in Ottawa

The Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire Speaking in Ottawa

Saturday, May 30th
2:00pm in Room 202
Jack Purcell Community Centre
320 Jack Purcell Lane (near corner of Elgin & Gilmour)
Pay What You Can

The Hosgenegehta [Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire] Speaking in Ottawa
Phillip Skye will be speaking for the men’s fire

Ever since the level of activity at the reclamation site at Caledonia diminished about a year ago, many non-native supporters have been unclear about how to build ongoing links in solidarity with the Six Nations struggle.

Unfortunately, while many non-native supporters were quite familiar with the reclamation, very few people in our community – including those who are more politically active – seem to know anything about the dozens of developments that have been blocked in Brantford, or how to support those people facing legal charges from their activity in defending Six Nations land and the environment that we all share.

The event will be used as a way to raise awareness and funds for the work by the Men’s Fire to halt development on the Haldimand tract and to support the legal costs of the more than 100 people who have been criminally charged for defending their land rights.