Monday, 31 May 2010
Human Rights Monument

Corner of Elgin and Lisgar
Ottawa, ON

In support of the Ottawa Palestine Solidarity Network – Protest Netanyahu’s visit to Ottawa


At the end of May, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu will be coming to Canada, including visits to Ottawa and Toronto. The Ottawa Palestine Solidarity Network is organizing a protest of Netanyahu’s visit on Monday, May 31, starting at 5pm, at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa. We need you to join us and to bring all your friends.

The occupation. The wall. The siege. The Settlements. The impunity. The Israeli occupation is becoming increasingly brutal with the unflinching support of the Canadian government. For all these reasons and more, it’s crucial for all Canadians who believe in justice and peace and justice to take a stand.

The illegal siege of Gaza continues to suffocate the Palestinians who live there, preventing them from rebuilding from Israel’s attack on last year that killed 1400 people (half of them children). The recent legislation giving the Israeli military discretion to deport Palestinians from the West Bank is an affront to human rights and democracy.

The OPSN is calling on groups from coast to coast to organize local solidarity demonstrations on or near May 31, to protest Netanyahu’s upcoming attempt to re-brand Israel in Canada, and the complicity of the Canadian government in Israel’s violations of international law.

Let us join together in solidarity to oppose occupation and take a stand for justice, peace and human rights!