Pillage and profit, from the Amazon to Ardoch

Pillage and profit, from the Amazon to Ardoch: An evening of film, music, and discussion about the exploitation of Indigenous peoples’ lands by Canadian companies

Click the image to download the Issue Brief: The Achuar and Talisman Energy prepared by Amazon Watch

Monday April 23, 2012 
5:30 to 7:30 pm

Auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch
120 Metcalfe St. (at Laurier)
Ottawa, unceded Algonquin Territory 

Join us for an evening of discussion with Indigenous peoples resisting the exploitation of their lands by Canadian oil and mining companies.

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The event will be opened with a Blessing by Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont. There will be a screening of the award-winning documentary “Chumpi & the Waterfall”. This film explores the way of life of an Achuar community in the Peruvian Amazon – a way of life that’s under threat by Canadian oil company Talisman Energy’s plans to drill oil in their hunting and fishing grounds.

“I have told the CEO of Talisman, John Manzoni, that the Achuar people do not want oil operations in our ancestral territory, but Talisman refuses to respect our right to live in peace and harmony,” says Achuar leader Peas Peas Ayui.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion with:

Peas Peas Ayui, Lucas Irar Miik, Lucas Chayat Ayui, and Puwaanch Kintui Antich, leaders from Achuar communities in the Amazon rainforest

Gregor MacLennan, Peru Program Coordinator for Amazon Watch

Mireille Lapointe, former chief of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, who have resisted uranium mining on their land

Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas, of the Quechua-Aymara nation and professor of Aboriginal studies at the University of Ottawa

Musical performances by Three Little Birds, and by Julie Comber, Ógui, & Josh Myles.

Admission is free; donations to support the Achuar community will be accepted.

This event is hosted by Amazon Watch, Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa, and the Indigenous and Canadian Studies Students Association of the University of Ottawa.

Can’t make it to the event? Please visit https://www.achuarmovie.org to:

  • learn more about the Achuar
  • Sign a petition demanding that Talisman Energy halt oil exploration in Achuar territory
  • Donate to support the Achuar’s cause

“Leave us in peace. We want to live free, breathe pure air. The Creator made this land here so we could live peacefully.”
Pitiur Unti Saant, Achuar elder and leader

Achuar v. Talisman Energy: The struggle continues

FILM & TALK with an Indigenous Achuar leader of the northern Peruvian Amazon!

Please share far and wide.

The Achuar people are taking a stand against Talisman’s oil drilling project in their territory!

Talisman is a Canadian oil & gas company based in Calgary, who is also leading on shale gas projects in Quebec.

7:00 p.m.
Friday November 25

University of Ottawa,
Lamoureux Hall, Room 122,
Unceded Algonquin Territory

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/118762868236743/

Dear Friends,

It is our honour to have an Indigenous Achuar leader from the northern Peruvian Amazon come to visit us. He is Peas Peas Ayui, the president of the National Achuar Federation of Peru and he will be accompanied by Gregor MacLennan, an anthropologist with Amazon Watch. They come here, far away from their home, with a mission! Peas Peas will be sharing the stories of his people – the stewards of the Amazon rainforest – and their struggle and determination to stop Talisman Energy, an oil and gas corporation based in Calgary, from destroying their ancestral territory and their way of life.

The Achuar people need us, you and I, to stand with them for their fight to protect the rainforest!

Please come and join us on Friday evening to meet with Peas Peas and Gregor.

7:00 p.m.
Friday November 25
University of Ottawa,
Lamoureux Hall (LMX), Room 122,
Unceded Algonquin Territory

Campus map: http://www.uottawa.ca/maps/

The event will include a screening of “Chumpi and the Waterfall”, a documentary about the Achuar people.

You can watch a trailer of the documentary here – http://vimeo.com/6183607

This trailer has Spanish subtitles but the documentary we will be showing will have English subtitles.

“We demand that the Peruvian government immediately annuls the contracts for blocks 64 and 101
and that Talisman immediately withdraws from our territory.”
Achuar public statement, March 28th 2010

For more information about the Achuar and Talisman Energy: http://amazonwatch.org/work/talisman

To show your support: please send a message to Talisman’s CEO, John Manzoni: http://amazonwatch.org/take-action/pledge-to-support-the-achuar-people and tell your friends about it!

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. For more about the organization: http://amazonwatch.org/about,

This event is a special event in collaboration with the Cinema Academica weekly series of film screenings at University of Ottawa. For more info on Cinema Academica: Wayne Sawtell, 613-421-1373.

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Co-presented by IPSMO – Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa – www.ipsmo.org

See you there!