Anti-Olympics Speaking Tour

Anti-Olympics Speaking Tour
Christian from Vancouver/Montreal will be speaking

Saturday, June 13th at 2pm
Exile Infoshop
256 Bank St.
613 237 9270

The ongoing struggle against the 2010 Olympic games, instigated in 2003, is one of the major links between the defense of the earth and support for basic struggles for rights in BC. These Olympic games will accelerate the process of devastation.

The Olympics are but another facet of the capitalist, colonialist, patriarchal and imperialist war that is destroying the earth and our communities, especially indigenous communities.

This often obscured fact is very evident to us.

Corporate sponsors, the elite and mass media are united to promote the games, which are too often used to justify domination everywhere.

This is why we are mobilizing to stop them, just like we are mobilizing to put an end to exploitation everywhere.

Tournée anti-olympiques a Ottawa
Samedi, Le 13 de Juin a 14h00
256 Bank St.
613 237 9270

La campagne des luttes contre les Olympiques de 2010 qui dure depuis 2003 et continue est en ce moment au BC un des principaux liens dans la continuité de la défense de la terre et du vivant en général. Ces Olympiques accélèrent tous les processus de dévastation.

Les Olympiques ne sont qu’un autre événement de la guerre capitaliste, colonialiste, patriarcale, impérialiste… qui ne cesse de détruire la terre, la majorité d’entre nous et particulièrement nos camarades indigènes.

Cette réalité pourtant si évidente nous est constamment cachée.

Des compagnies commanditaires des Olympiques aux médias de masse, les élites s’unissent pour promouvoir ces “jeux” qui ne sont qu’un important moment de la restructuration constante de la domination partout. C’est pourquoi nous nous mobilisons pour les arrêter comme nous le faisons pour mettre fin à ce monde d’exploitation généralisée.

May 3rd: Anti-colonial walking tour of Ottawa


Sunday, May 3rd at 1:00pm
Near the statue of Champlain
Behind the National Gallery
(380 Sussex Drive)
Olympics Resistance Ottawa

On Sunday, May 3rd we will be going on an anti-colonial walking tour of Ottawa. We will be exploring Canada’s colonial legacy and the ongoing impact of colonization on “Ottawa”. In particular, we will be addressing the role that the Canadian government and transnational corporations are playing in the attacks on the environment, the elderly, people living in poverty, workers and migrant workers and indigenous people due to the 2010 Olympics in “B.C”.

This walk will focus on places in downtown Ottawa that are part of our pre-colonial past and our colonial present. We will talk about the little known history of different parts of Ottawa, how our colonial forebearers related to the land and the people living on the land, and how the Canadian government continues to relate to the land and the people, native and non-native. It will provide a critical perspective on the usual history of “Canada”.

The Eurocentric history that is taught in Canadian schools is a direct legacy of our colonial past and a source of on-going oppression of indigenous people in Canada. This walk is a creative and interactive way to encourage people to see the places where they live differently, to make visible the giant elephants in the room, or in this case, the city.

The walking tour will begin near the statue of the French colonialist Samuel Champlain. We will visit the Hudson’s Bay Company, Parliament Hill, the Olympic Clock, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Supreme Court, the Library and National Archives, Lebreton Flats, and Victoria Island/Chaudiere Falls.

This anti-colonial walking tour has been organized by Olympics Resistance Ottawa. ORO organizes in order to raise awareness about the destructive impacts of, and increase resistance to, the 2010 Olympics.

“Far from being simply about ‘sport’, the history of the Olympics is one rooted in displacement, corporate greed, fascism, repression, and violence. Only the political and corporate elite – from real estate developers to security corporations – have anything to gain from the Olympics industry. The effects of the upcoming Winter Games have already manifested themselves- with the expansion of sport tourism and resource extraction on indigenous lands; increasing homelessness and gentrification of poor neighbourhoods; increasing privatization of public services; union busting through imposed contracts and exploitative conditions especially for migrant labour; the fortification of the national security apparatus; ballooning public spending and public debt; and unprecedented destruction of the environment.”

We want to acknowledge the work and support of Jane’s Walk Ottawa.