You are welcome to attend a TOOLS FOR CHANGE WORKSHOP: What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom

Workshop 2:Tokenization

March 27th 3pm
Leeds 118.
Carleton University

Classroom discussions of Aboriginal issues often leave
students feeling alienated and angry. Though troubling, these
situations often go unreported and unresolved, affecting
students’ abilities to function in classes and in their
These workshops are intended to help both
aboriginal and non aboriginal people understand the impacts
and consequences of social position and dominant
understandings of indigenous peoples that can contribute to
problematic incidents that occur in the classroom
context and elsewhere is society. Through discussion, activities
and video, this project aims to foster a more culturally sensitive
and safe learning environment. Everyone is welcome to
attend and participate.

This initiative is supported by the Carleton Human Rights department, Carleton Equity Services and OPIRG-Carleton.