IPSMO – new Basis of Unity

The IPSMO organizing committee has been busy updating our basis of unity, to better reflect our current organization.

We have adopted the following basis of unity, to be reviewed in the next 3 months. At this time, we are actively looking for feedback from our communities. [To share your feedback or to organize with us, contact: indigsol [at] riseup.net]

IPSMO Basis of Unity

Who we are:

IPSMO is an Ottawa-based, grassroots collective that supports Indigenous struggles for justice and decolonization.

We acknowledge that Ottawa, and the entire Kitchissippi (Ottawa River) watershed, is Algonquin territory. We are committed to helping decolonize this territory, and to supporting national and transnational indigenous struggles.

Our collective is for anyone who wants to be in solidarity with Indigenous people, but we want to be clear that most of us are settlers.  Our group strives to listen to and take direction from Indigenous voices. Learning from indigenous knowledge and indigenous knowledge holders is crucial to decolonizing ourselves, and to challenging the colonial ideas and practices that dominate Canadian society and undermine indigeneity.

What we want:

We affirm the sacredness of Mother Earth, the interdependence of all beings, and the right to live as part of healthy ecosytems.

We are dedicated to creating a decolonized world and understand all struggles for justice as interconnected.  We strive to build loving, respectful and accountable relationships and dialogues between all people and communities who are working for social, economic, and land justice.

We support the principles outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and its full implementation on Turtle Island. We believe in the principle of free, prior and informed consent, and oppose unilateral settler, state and corporate interventions in the lives of Indigenous peoples, including in the lives of those involved in sex work.

What we believe:

We believe that Canadian society owes its prosperity to colonization.  We understand colonization as a system that is founded on land theft, ecological destruction, racism, apartheid and genocide. We understand colonialism as an ongoing process that continues to benefit settler society; justice demands decolonization. When fully realized, decolonization would liberate the land, its people, and its settlers. We hold to a vision of Turtle Island (North America) where First Nations and settlers share the land in a just and peaceful relationship, and where indigenous sovereignty is fully recognized, including First Nations’ right to political, economic, and territorial self-determination.

We believe that decolonization requires questioning and changing the state, citizenship, capitalism, gender and sexual roles, the nuclear family, and the exploitation of the natural world.  We work in solidarity with indigenous movements to further this broad understanding of decolonization.

What we do:

We provide support to actions and campaigns for Indigenous sovereignty, defence of the land, cultural revitalization, ending violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirits, and the honouring of treaties and agreements.

Our group supports and uses a diversity of tactics ranging from popular education, to fundraising, to direct action as a means of nurturing decolonization.

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