Introduction to Indigenous Solidarity


Tuesday, March 31 at 7:00pm
Faculty of Social Sciences, 120 University Private
Room 4004, 1st Floor
Wheelchair Accessible
The art is by Tania Willard.

This is a two hour workshop that introduces people to the basics of indigenous solidarity. We explore some of the history of indigenous resistance, key concepts, terminology and how to do indigenous solidarity.

This workshop is intended for everyone who is interested in being principled allies to indigenous people.

“I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.”

– Eduardo Galeano


The Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement – Ottawa

The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement – Ottawa (IPSMO) is a grassroots organization that directly supports indigenous peoples in diverse struggles for justice. We also work within communities to challenge the lies and half-truths about indigenous peoples and colonization that dominate Canadian society. The organization is open to both indigenous and non-indigenous people, and focuses on local and regional campaigns.

As we act in solidarity with indigenous people, we build relationships where we can learn from indigenous cultures. By doing this, we can further decolonize ourselves, and so learn to better challenge the racist and colonial ideas that dominate Canadian society.

We provide support to actions and campaigns for Indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, defense of the land, environmental protection, cultural revitalization, and the honouring of treaties and agreements.


Le Mouvement de Solidarité avec les Peuples Autochtones -Ottawa (Abrégé en anglais: IPSMO) est une organisation populaire qui soutient directement les peuples autochtones dans leurs diverses luttes pour la justice. Nous travaillons au sein des communautés afin de débattre les mensonges et demi-vérités concernant les peuples autochtones et l’esprit de colonisation qui dominent dans la société canadienne. Cette organisation est ouverte à tous : aux personnes autochtones tout comme aux personnes non-autochtones, et mène une campagne concentré à un niveau local et régional.

En agissant solidairement avec les peuples autochtones, nous construisons des relations d’échanges où nous pouvons apprendre de leur culture.

En faisant de même, nous pouvons mieux nous décoloniser nous même, et ainsi mieux contester et combattre les idées racistes et colonialistes qui dominent la société canadienne.

Nous soutenons les actions et campagnes pour la souveraineté autochtone, son autodétermination, la défense du territoire, la protection environnementale, la revitalisation culturelle, et l’application des traités et accords.

One thought on “Introduction to Indigenous Solidarity

  1. Hi!

    I don’t whether this affects you or not, but Sheila Watt Cloutier is speaking in Ottawa on the same night at the same time. I am certainly interested in both, so perhaps there are others who are having to make the choice between events. Kindest, Andrea

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