May 1st: Indigenous Solidarity for Settlers workshop

Workshop: Indigenous Solidarity for Settlers

Saturday, May 1st at 3pm
Jack Purcell Community Centre
320 Jack Purcell Lane (off Elgin, near Gilmour)
Part of the Organizing for Justice Mayday Weekend

The goal of the workshop is to …educate non-indigenous people about the importance of indigenous solidarity and to teach people and learn from them about what solidarity means and how to do it.

The IPSM Ottawa is a predominantly settler organization that works toward building a movement of non-indigenous people actively supporting indigenous people struggling for justice and decolonization.

Our workshop “Indigenous Solidarity for Settlers” consists of three parts:

1) Looking at colonization from an anti-oppressive framework.

We look at how colonization has historically and continues to be imposed through individual behaviour and institutional and cultural oppression.

2) What does solidarity mean?

We focus on what solidarity is and how to “do it”. The word solidarity is used a lot, especially in radical organizing, but it is not always easy to define or to do. Put simply we believe that it is essential in solidarity work to “listen, take direction and stick around”.

3) Case study

Using an example from the organizing that the IPSM has done, such as organizing in support of the Barriere Lake Algonquin, we will explore what solidarity work looks like in practice. Using concrete examples from our own experiences we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this organizing in order to examine how to do solidarity work well.