Decolonial Study Group – Jan 10

IPSMO Decolonial Study Group

Decolonial Study Group
Sunday, Jan. 10 at 1pm
Exile Infoshop, 256 Bank St. (2nd Floor)
Sorry this location is not wheelchair accessible
Everyone Welcome!

The reading for the study group on Sunday, Jan. 13 will focus on “British

The Decolonial Study Group is a new project of the IPSM Ottawa. We will be
deepening and broadening our understanding and analysis of indigenous
struggles for decolonization, social justice and revolution. We will be
doing this through readings, workshops, oral presentations, movies and so on.

For this study group there will be core articles which we ask everyone to
read, as well as additional articles and information for people who have
the time and the interest to get deeper into the subject matter. And
everyone is welcome whether they’ve done the readings or not!

Core reading:

“Oppose the BC Treaty Process: BC Treaty Monster Grows 3 Heads” Warrior
Publications & “New Relationship or ‘Final Solution'” by Arthur Manuel:
both posted at

“Domestic Laws versus Aboriginal Visions: An Analysis of the Delgamuukw
Decision” by Candice Metallic and Patricia Monture: posted at

Additional reading:

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