Decolonial Study Group – Dec 13

Decolonial Study Group
Sunday, Dec. 13 at 1pm
Exile Infoshop
256 Bank St. (2nd Floor)
Sorry this location is not wheelchair accessible
Everyone Welcome!

The reading for the study group on Sunday, Dec. 13 will focus on treaties between the Mi’kmaq and the British Crown, and on the recognition of Mi’kmaq treaty rights in the Marshall decision.

The Decolonial Study Group is a new project of the IPSM Ottawa. We will be deepening and broadening our understanding and analysis of indigenous struggles for decolonization, social justice and revolution. We will be doing this through readings, workshops, oral presentations, movies and so on.

Some of the readings for the next study group are still to be determined.

For this study group there will be core articles which we ask everyone to read, as well as additional articles and information for people who have the time and the interest to get deeper into the subject matter. And everyone is welcome whether they’ve done the readings or not!

Core reading:

Additional reading:


We Were Not the Savages by Daniel N. Paul
The Marshall Decision and Native Rights by Ken Coates