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March 15, 2009

Mar 24: Indigenous People and the Criminal Injustice System

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Indigenous People and the Criminal Injustice System
Part of Prisoner Justice Week!
Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm
Exile Infoshop (256 Bank St.)
Sorry this event is not wheelchair accessible.

Indigenous People and the Criminal Injustice System

Indigenous people are massively over represented in the Canadian criminal injustice and caging (prison) system.  Not only are they overly represented, but the punishments they receive are often overly harsh and punitive –even if we accept the criminal injustice system’s standards of crime and punishment.

But indigenous people are also more likely to be the victims of crime than non-indigenous people, and these crimes are often not addressed.  The 511 documented cases of missing and murdered indigenous women are a clear example of this fact; the percentage of these cases that have not yet been solved is significantly higher than those where the missing or murdered women were, for example, white women.


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