Oct 30: Indigenous Solidarity Movie Night

“Struggle For The Land”, by Tom Keefer and Autonomy & Solidarity
“What I Learned In Class Today”, by Karrmen Crey and Amy Perreault
Plus a speaker from the Aboriginal Students Centre at Carleton University

Thursday, October 30 at 7:00pm
Carleton University
University Centre Building, Room 282

All Donations will go to Six Nations Land Reclamation Legal Defense

Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement -Ottawa

IPSMO is showing 2 movies and having a presentation by a member of the Aboriginal Students Centre on the “Aboriginal Initiative: What I Learned in Class Today”.  The initiative aims to combat the racist and colonial attitudes that exist in Carleton University’s classrooms.

Struggle for the Land: Interviews with Participants at the Six Nations Reclamation (April-May 2006).

This DVD consists of a series of interviews with First Nations activists occupying the site and video of the protests and counter protests concerning the reclamation of the Douglas Creek Estates. In what ranks as one of the most significant indigenous confrontations with the Canadian State since the 1990 Oka crisis, participants speak in their own words about what is at stake in their struggle. Includes videos with reclamation site spokesperson Jacqueline House, Six Nations resident Robin Williams, supporter Mike Desroches, a member of the Mohawk Warrior Society, kitchen organizers Gene and Ruby, footage of the racist anti-native protests and a variety of interviews with Caledonia residents.


What I Learned in Class Today:
Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom

Classroom discussions of Aboriginal issues often leave students feeling alienated and angry. Though troubling, these situations often go unreported and unresolved, affecting students’ abilities to function in classes and in their coursework. To make these situations visible and to find ways to have more professional and productive classroom discussions, two undergraduate students in the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia, Karrmen Crey and Amy Perreault, developed What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom. This project asks students, instructors, and administrators at UBC, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to share in videotaped interviews their most memorable classroom experiences where the discussion of Aboriginal issues became difficult, and to share their reflections on the dynamics underpinning these situations.

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